Omar Ochoa

What I Am Doing Now:

Restarting / Making Adjustments

I'm a big fan of restarting. I believe its important to be able to take a look at your life and make the decision to start over if you realize you're not 100% happy with where you are. This is something I've come to the realization of lately and I'm taking a look at my life, analyzing, and deciding where I will make improvements. There's a lot of heavy thinking here, including thinking about my job, my relationship, what I really want to do, reassessing my priorities and my goals, etc.

Taking More Risks

I have a tendency to think too much. To be really careful and meticulous. This isn't always a good thing and at 30 years old I feel this has held me back and I need to take more risks. I have a few things coming up: one is this very website where I'm putting out my written thoughts and will be published by the time you can read this. The other is a Podcast where I will be cataloging my most recent restart process and journey to do more and be better. I've also decided to persue music and that will take the form of a youtube channel. Its kind of scary. But as I move forward with these things I'll be updating this page with the next steps.