Omar Ochoa

What I Am Doing Now:

Taking care of my home

I guess a handful of years living far away from your family and friends teaches you some stuff. Among those is the realization that there really isn't a place quite like home. I'm happy to be back with my family, and after having been a brooding teenager and a too-busy-for-anything young adult in my 20s, I'm looking at this place a lot differently now. I see the slightly unkept garden and half-watered grass lawn. I see the overgrown weeds and the bumps and bruises the property has recieved over the years. Where once I did everything possible to avoid cutting the lawn or trimming the trees, I now find myself tending to the property with a newly found fondness.

Old hobbies and routines

One of the things that is very interesting to me is how much your living space affects what your hobbies and daily routines are. Here at home, I'm falling back into old hobbies - good hobbies: running, working out in my backyard, playing with my dog. Its great.